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Object storage - LUMI-O


This page is about a hardware partition that is not yet available.

The LUMI-O object store offers a total of 30 PB storage for storing, sharing, and staging of data.

In an object-based storage, data is managed as objects instead of being organized as files in a directory hierarchy.

Within your object storage project space you can create buckets. These buckets will store objects with metadata associated to these objects.

Object storage components
  • Buckets: Containers used to store one or more objects. Object storage uses a flat structure with only one level which means that buckets cannot contain other buckets.
  • Objects: Any type of data. An object is stored in a bucket.
  • Metadata: Both buckets and objects have metadata specific to them. The metadata of a bucket specifies e.g. the access rights to the bucket. While traditional file systems have fixed metadata (filename, creation date, type, etc.), an object storage allows you to add custom metadata.