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Flash based Scratch Space

LUMI-F unavailable until summer 2022

To prepare for the installation of LUMI-G, LUMI-F has been removed from the system and will be available again after LUMI-G installation is completed.


The LUMI flash based scratch Lustre file system has a storage capacity of 7 PB and an aggregate bandwidth of 1 740 GB/s. It is composed of 2 MDSs (metadata servers) and 58 Object Storage Targets (OSTs).


The flash storage is located at /flash/project_<project-number>

Billing and Quota

The quota is enforced on a per project basis. The default quota is 2 TB and 1 million files. If you need more space, this quota can be pushed up to 100 TB upon request. However, if you are limited by the quota on the number of files, we invite you to reconsider your data workflow. Having a large number of small files can creates contention at the metadata servers and may limit the performance due to limited striping (more explanation is provided on the Lustre page).

Flash is billed at a 10x rate

The flash storage is billed at the 10x rate. This means that if you consume 1 TB of flash storage for 1 hour, you will consume 10 TB-hours of your storage allocation.

Purge Policy

Data rentention policies not active

Scratch automatic cleaning is not active at the moment. Please remove the files that are no longer needed by your project on a regular basis if you don't want to run out of TB-hours.

You are not supposed to use the scratch space a long-term storage. The scratch file system is a temporary storage space. Files that have not been accessed will be purged after 30 days.

Deliberately modifying file access time to bypass the purge is prohibited. It's an anti-social behaviour that may impact other users negatively.