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Here you find a description of the LUMI system architecture and the different hardware partitions available on LUMI.

LUMI is one of the three European pre-exascale supercomputers. It's an HPE Cray EX supercomputer consisting of several hardware partitions targeted different use cases. All of the hardware partitions are connected via a HPE Slingshot 11 high-speed interconnect. As of 06/2022, LUMI ranks third on the list.

The primary compute power in LUMI is found in the LUMI-G hardware partition which features GPU accelerated nodes using AMD Instinct MI250X GPUs. In addition to this, there is a smaller LUMI-C CPU-only hardware partition that features AMD EPYC "Milan" CPUs as well as a small LUMI-D data analytics hardware partition featuring large memory nodes (4 TB) and some NVIDIA A40 GPUs for data visualization.

Data storage on LUMI is provided by the LUMI-P parallel file system hardware partition, the LUMI-F flash based parallel file system hardware partition, and the LUMI-O object storage hardware partition for a total of 117 PB of storage space.

Additionally, the LUMI-K hardware partition provides a container orchestration platform for use with LUMI.